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    Affiliate program

    1, the applicant through Fu Yu ceramic company marketing consulting process to join the Union to understand the headquarters of the new dealer store requirements, standards and conditions.

    2, the applicant to the Fu Yu ceramic company marketing department to submit the following information;

    "Jingdezhen Fuyu Ceramics Co., Ltd. to join the application form";

    Applicant ID card copy;

    Preselect stores location map, floor plan, and pre-selected storefront street photos.

    3, Fu Yu ceramic company marketing department review and sign the opinion, agreed to the company unified regulations, within 5 working days to reply whether to agree to join.

    4, approved by the Marketing Department and signed a formal contract, the implementation of contract procedures, the franchisee under the guidance of planning staff according to a unified visual standard decoration shop.

    5, after the completion of the store renovation, Fuyu Ceramics Company required approval of the Ministry of Planning, the parties allowed to operate.

    6, Fu Yu ceramic company issued a variety of certification and honorary certificate, franchised operators.