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    Fuyu Events

    Mar. 1991, the founding of Fuyu Porcelain Workshop;

    May 1999, the founding of Lvyi Porcelain Co Ltd in Jingdezhen;

    Mar. 2008, the allocation of factory area covering 35 mu in Ceramic Industrial Park, Jingdezhen;

    Oct. 2009, received Excellent Enterprise Award in Jingdezhen International Ceramic Fair; 

    Oct. 2009, received Silver Award of “Jingdezhen Dacheng Cup” National Blue and White Rice-Pattern and Blue and White Household Porcelain Innovation Design Competition;

    Aug. 2010, the successful registration of trademark “Fuyu”;

    Dec. 2010, the establishment and operation of modernized and garden-style factory covering an area of 35 mu in Ceramic Industrial Park;

    2010, tableware “The Peacock Spreads Its Tail”, “Green Leaf”, “Snowman” received the design patent issued by State Intellectual Property Office;

    Jan. 2011, the official registration of Jingdezhen Fuyu Blue and White Rice-Pattern Porcelain Co Ltd;

    Apr. 2012, received Gold Award of “Contemporary Jingdezhen Ceramic Art Works Exhibition” in the 7th Yiwu Cultural Product Trade Fair;

    Oct. 2013, 36-piece tableware “Mandarin Duck” received Rice-Pattern Inheritance Award of the 1st National Tourism Ceramic Innovation Design Competition;

    Oct. 2013, received “One of Top Ten Competitive Ceramic Brands” Title of Jingdezhen International Ceramic Fair;

    Jan. 2014, “Fuyu” was identified as a famous trademark in Jiangxi Province by Administrative Bureau for Industry and Commerce in Jiangxi Province;

    Oct. 2014, Fuyu was granted as “famous trademark of China --- Jingdezhen Ceramic licensed manufacturer” by Jingdezhen Ceramic Association; 

    2014, Fuyu was granted as employment and entrepreneurship base for young people by the Communist Youth League Committee of Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute;

    2015, Fuyu was granted as “executive member” by Jingdezhen E-Commerce Association;

    Oct. 2016, the opening of Fuyu Porcelain Comprehensive Service Area --- a comprehensive service platform of displaying craft skills, exhibiting products, and exchanging culture;

    Oct. 2016, 38-piece hand-drawing tableware “Summer” received Gold Award of 2016 Collected Household Ceramic Products in China;

    Oct. 2016, Fuyu was granted as “reliable store (ceramics)” by Administrative Bureau for Product Quality Supervision in Jingdezhen;

    Dec. 2016, “Fuyu” was identified as a famous trademark in Jiangxi Province by Administrative Bureau for Industry and Commerce in Jiangxi Province again;

    May 2017, selected as a member of Jiangxi Branch of China Chamber of International Commerce;

    May 2017, selected as vice-president unit of Jingdezhen Individual and Private Economy Association;

    June 2017, participated in designing and manufacturing blue and white vitrolites of Culture Square in Jingdezhen high-speed railway station;

    June 2017, products “Summer”, “Peacock” were granted with design patents issued by State Intellectual Property Office;

    July 2017, the top ten famous ceramic enterprises in Jingdezhen established Famous Enterprise Union and opened stores in Jingdezhen airport terminal;

    Fair and Exhibition

    Apr. 2012, participated in the 7th Yiwu Cultural Product Trade Fair;

    May 2016, participated in Dalian Import and Export Commodities Fair and the 1st Jingdezhen “Porcelain” Cultural Fair of Sea Silk Road in Dalian;

    July 2017, participated in “Perceive China﹒China Ingenuity ” Jingdezhen Ceramic Cultural Exhibition in Berlin;

    July 2017, participated in the 12th Tokyo International Gift and General Merchandise Fair;

    Sep. 2017, participated in Chinese Tea﹒Famous Enterprise Union Porcelain Works Exhibition in Guangzhou;